Mindfulness is very common in yoga practice, but how is the method used in the learning and teaching environment? Believe it or not, the approach is one of the revolutionary ideas to help students learn more while maintaining their traits. Global Sevilla international school in Jakarta is one of its practitioners, here is the benefit of the approach.

The Benefits Of Mindfulness In Classroom

1. Less Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are some of the reasons why students unable to focus in the class. That is why Global Sevilla trying to monitor all of the students’ mental conditions to avoid any burnout. It is not only about monitoring, but also maintaining the positive mind in the body of learners. It is believed that the approach will help them manage their stress and anxiety in class.

The teacher roles hold a dear effect in the implementation. The teacher should know how to nurture and lead the implementation, thus the students will be more relaxed inside the class. A quick break and a quiet moment will be a great way to calm down and reflect the learner’s mind. Thus, the international school in Jakarta can achieve a better effect in the future.

2. Better Grades

One of the better outcomes is grades. According to certain research in 2015, the implementation of mindfulness can improve cognitive performance. While it is good for repelling stress, but a balanced mind will also affect students’ performance. Thus, you can expect better academic results in the form of better grades and achievement. 

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3. Better Behavior And Social Skills

By reducing stress and anxiety, it is believed that students’ behavior and social skills will increase. And it is true. Global Sevilla, states that the approach can help the students to be highly educated people along with their positive characteristics. Thus, there will be no breakdown or rages, that happens because of unsettled stress or problems at school.

4. Greater Perspective-Taking And Empathy

Self-reflection, empathy, and perspective-taking are another bonus from enrolling in this international school in Jakarta. Global Sevilla underlines that the approach will help learners to find out their inner self. Thus, they can be more open, talking with other people, reducing posttraumatic symptoms, and eventually improve themselves to be a better person.

It is most likely that people or parents still don’t understand the term of Mindfulness, especially when it comes to education. Just as the name says, it emphasizes helping the students’ minds, which means helping reducing stress and anxiety. It is also to balance the student’s mental attitude, behavior, and cognitive abilities, just like in Global Sevilla school.

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